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A New Chapter for RōBEX

In 2024, RōBEX, +Vantage Corporation, and Mid-State Engineering are proud to announce the recent merger with Acieta. This amalgamation is not just a blend of names but a fusion of expertise and innovation, setting a new industry standard for comprehensive automation solutions. Together, these companies form a robust coalition poised to redefine industry benchmarks through collaborative synergy and to provide customers with an automation edge that helps elevate their position in the market.

Benefits for Customers

The union of RōBEX, +Vantage, and Mid-State Engineering with Acieta is a strategic move designed to amplify their service offerings and extend their technological capabilities. This merger means customers can now enjoy a more extensive portfolio of robotic integration solutions across various sectors. The combined expertise of these companies ensures enhanced project management, innovative engineering solutions, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that is second to none. With increased resources and a shared mission of excellence, the new entity is equipped to tackle complex automation challenges, providing customers with reliability and a competitive edge in the market.


Since its founding in 1983 by John and Marlo Burg, Acieta has been a pioneer in North American manufacturing. Originally known as Automated Concepts Inc. (ACI), the company began with just eight employees and a vision for the transformative power of robotic automation in machine shops.

Over the years, Acieta has grown and adapted to emerging technologies, merging with Ellison Technologies Automation (ETA) in its journey. This union led to the formation of Acieta in 2014, symbolizing the convergence of ACI and ETA.

Under John Burg’s leadership, Acieta has championed the benefits of robotics in manufacturing, emphasizing cost reduction, enhanced safety, increased productivity, improved quality, and global competitiveness.

As technology advanced, Acieta evolved alongside it, introducing more sophisticated robotic controllers and expanding the capabilities of articulated robots. Today, Acieta stands at the forefront of automation technology, boasting over 8,500 innovative robotic solutions, world-class service, and a dedicated team of 260+ professionals across North America.

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Automate - Booth #4002

Innovation on Display:
FastGAGE & FastLOAD CX2000

Witness the precision of FastGAGE metrology, our solution for intricate measurements, demonstrated alongside the FastLOAD CX2000. This live demonstration will showcase their collective efficiency, while also showing how each system can be a flexible and powerful tool within your existing workflow.

Innovation on Display:

Designed to enhance flexibility in your operations, the FastFLEX is a versatile tool ideal for palletizing, material handling, and welding. The MiR AMR, impressive in its own right, brings a new level of intelligent navigation and versatility to material transport. Together, these systems demonstrate the smooth collaboration achievable in your workflow, enhancing productivity through their integrated operation.

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